"Do you ever walk out of movies you can't stand?"

Never! To stay and tough out the bad stuff is what makes movie reviewing necessary. People don't want to waste their money on something that stinks. I see the bad so that YOU don't have to!

"Do you see every movie you critique? Do you ever judge a movie based on the previews alone?"

Never! Never! Never! Doing so would constitute an unethical practice for a serious movie reviewer.

"Are you recruiting writers for this blog?"

Yes, but mostly on an invitation basis only. This may change.

"Come on now! Isn’t this just your opinion?"

No. Good movie critiques can be very much objective, not just personal. Just because I didn’t “like” a movie won’t necessarily have anything to do with its value as a movie. There are plenty of movies I don’t like merely because they don’t interest me in subject matter or movie type, but they may be good movies in and of themselves. I will always judge a movie on its merits only.

"Can we request a certain movie to be reviewed?"

Um, sure! :-)

"What do the three astericks *** mean when next to the title of a review?"

That means that the movie being reviewed is a B-movie, an independent film, or else has been released straight to DVD and never made theaters, and should be judged by lesser standards than the major, big screen releases.

"What is a mini-review?" 

A review that is a condensed version of a standard review (300 words or less as opposed to 500 words or more).

"I'm noticing that a number of movies in theaters aren't here. Why is that?"

I don't review movies full-time, and as a result, I can only dedicate so much of my time to it. Hopefully, that will someday change.

"Can you name some of your favorite movie critics?"

That I can. Most successful critics read and have their own favorites list of other critics, too. Mine include MaryAnn Johanson, Justin Putman, Roger Ebert, Kevin Carr, and Scott Weinberg.

"How long have you been reviewing movies?

Since 2006 when I worked as a ghostwriter. At that time, my reviews were available only to clients who bought the reviews and put their names on them in other publications. The reviews were only part of the work I did as a ghostwriter. Having always been a passionate moviegoer, the writing soon blossomed into a more dedicated effort.

"How do you see the movies you review?"

I usually see them at press screenings at theaters or in the form of DVD screeners that are sent to me. However, there are a few times when I see them online or along with everyone else in theaters.
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